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Blockchain for Dummies: Great Tools for 2022

Business Articles July 6, 2021

The world has undergone a digital transformation. That holds true for contracts and records of transactions that are essential to the economic system structure. The question is if they have been able to keep up. You should consider the role of blockchain for dummies. Since it is the technology behind Bitcoin, it is very efficient […]

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Top 15 Best Supply Chain Companies in the UK

Business Articles June 14, 2021

The UK and Ireland have a very developed supply chain industry with a range that covers the globe. Much like the logistics industry, this industry is amongst the best in the UK. In this article, discover the top 15 supply chain companies in the UK and why this sector is interesting to invest in and […]

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Top 15 Ultimate Logistics Companies in the UK

Business Articles June 8, 2021

The UK has the most advanced Logistics industry in Europe. With the variety and the more prevalent e-commerce, this is not going to change.  In this article, discover the top 15 Logistics companies in the UK and why this sector is interesting to invest in and work with. What are logistics companies? Logistic companies provide […]

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The Top 20 Best UK Industries in 2021

Business Articles May 26, 2021

The UK’s economy and industry is in a complicated spot because of Brexit and the COVID-19 crisis. However, some of its key industries still find a way to be relevant and even grow under these circumstances in the long term. In this article, you are about to read about the top UK industries by revenue, […]

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10 Business Directories to Increase Your Website Traffic

Business Articles April 26, 2021

It is not easy to promote a local business online. Entrepreneurs and SMEs have different challenges to overcome. An easy way to improve your website traffic is to submit your business to a business directory. Yet, which business directory is best for your business? What are the important details? At the end of this article […]

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Chambers Join Exclusive Online Lead Generation Platform

Successful Connections March 15, 2021

Introduction We’re proud to announce that two great chambers have joined our business matchmaking and online lead generation platform. BEROCC, Belgian Luxembourg Romanian Moldovan Chamber of Commerce, joined early 2018 and later followed by AmCham Romania, the American Chamber of Commerce in Romania, and BRCC, the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce. In this article you […]

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Top Business Opportunities to Earn Money in 2022

Business Articles February 24, 2021

Business opportunities are hard to define and the definition will vary depending on the person you ask. However, there are some general notions that are applicable and the aim will most often be: to make money. In this article, we will explore what business opportunities are. What are the most common types of business opportunities? […]

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Imports and Exports: Amazing Guidelines for Trade in 2022

Business Articles February 9, 2021

Most people have heard of imports and exports. They are what international trade is based on. This article is for entrepreneurs who want to develop their business should start trading outside of their country’s borders and think global. We will look at what imports and exports are and their pros as well as their limitations. […]

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9 Tips for an Effective Business Strategy

Business Articles February 1, 2021

Every entrepreneur wanting to start their own company will have to think about their business strategy. Indeed, a strong strategy is one step closer to business success. In this article, we will take a look at what a business strategy is, why it is important, the different strategies there are, things to think of when […]

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