New feature on TIAO developed platforms – Contact companies found in KOMPASS search

June 19, 2018

COBCOE Connects and be.connected are online platforms for companies to grow their business, meet other companies in a trusted environment and find new suppliers and partners. TIAO team is continuously developing the platform to meet companies‘ needs and help to make #BusinessWithoutBarriers more efficient. This time, we are happy to present a major development on the platform

Contact companies found on KOMPASS search

If your search gives you few precise results, you can always access a larger list, amongst companies that are not yet on COBCOE Connects or be.connected nor members of a chamber of commerce. The solution is the Kompass search.

Kompass search is a way to get a list of companies with the possibility of contacting them in a particular sector in a particular country. This tool gives you access to a database of more than 10 million companies.

You can access the Kompass results directly from the search page: the first frame shows you that there are 777 results amongst the members present on the platform, the second frame indicates that there are 95798 results on Kompass. If you did not find the right match among registered companies, you can expand your search with the integrated KOMPASS database with 10.8 million companies all over the world. When you click “contact Kompass users” you can message each company of your interest immediately. Up to 100 companies at the time!

Your company’s moderator will get a notification that you contacted particular companies and will follow the instructions to make sure that you get a reply.

This feature guarantees you #BusinessWithoutBarriers

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