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May 27, 2020

The current crisis forces us to work from home and advises social distancing. For entrepreneurs and their businesses, this is very complicated and challenging no matter where you are. How can you do business, without social contact? The answer seems very simple: use an adequate social network service. However, it’s not easy to find the right service and channel for your needs. To find the right business channel and community involves lots of efforts (time, energy and financial resources). Plus, when doing business the most important factor is trust. You need to be able to trust your business partner.

CONNECTS can help SMEs anywhere in the world to find businesses communities they can trust. Our digital matchmaking platform allows entrepreneurs to explore worldwide business opportunities in a safe environment, and therefore preserve business continuity. We provide instant access to trustworthy leads, potential customers, suppliers, skills and partnerships. The digital platform is about ‘trust’, ‘global reach’, ‘ease of use’ as well as cost-efficiency. By working with Chambers of Commerce, we can guarantee that all users of CONNECTS are approved and known members of local Chambers. By joining our business matchmaking platform Chambers provide: 

– TRUST: Every company active on CONNECTS is hosted by a local chamber of commerce that knows their members and makes sure newcomers meet their standards.

– SUPPORT: Every user on CONNECTS has direct access to staff members from all participating chambers who can provide specific, local knowledge and background information about their members on the platform.

– PERSONAL BUSINESS INTRODUCTIONS: Online and in real life, it is getting more difficult to get people to respond to your call. On CONNECTS chamber staff members can provide rapidly warm and personal introductions to any company you may wish to contact.

To help our current members, we frequently organize webinars. The purpose is to help them in their struggles, explain platform updates and give advice on how to use CONNECTS best way possible. Our goal is to make our member’s user experience successful. Read our latest success stories and let us inspire you to join us.

Not yet a member of CONNECTS? If you’re a Chamber book your demo here! If you’re an entrepreneur contact for more information and participate in the next webinar.

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