What is a successful connection on CONNECTS platform?

September 12, 2019

Let’s first define it – “successful connection” is composed of two words:

  • Successful: accomplishing a desired aim or result
  • Connection: the action of linking with another person

Applied to CONNECTS, a “Successful connection” is when two different parties (businesses, individuals & Chambers) find and connect with each other through the platform.

So, is it necessary to reach a commercial agreement or a deal to consider it is a successful connection?

No, it is not. CONNECTS’ purpose is to provide secure, trusted leads and contacts. There are many aspects outside the platform that can influence whether the two companies finally reach a commercial agreement, e.g. price of the goods or services, availability, deliverability, etc. Those are aspects that companies need to discuss, but the fact they both got to know each other is essentially the goal of CONNECTS.

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