The TIAO Score? Building Trust Through Participation

August 30, 2018

TIAO is the company behind the COBCOE Connects and other branded versions of the platform such as ‘be.connected’ for Belgian Chambers of Commerce.

The big difference between the TIAO platform and other digital platforms is that it is a decentralised moderated platform based on ‘trust-by-design’ through its collaboration with chambers of commerce around the world.

The name TIAO is an acronym for ‘Trust Is An Outcome’. Trust is not something you can buy or tell some-one to do but can be earned step-by-step based on three important criteria:

  1. Delivery – the concrete results you deliver; ‘do what you say’
  2. Accountability – taking ownership for your own actions and other people’s success
  3. Transparency – ‘saying what you do’, being open and clear about the reasons why you do things

Over time – consistently applied – these elements build trust.

TIAO offers members of chambers of commerce the delivery power and global reach of a digital platform plus,uniquely, the Transparency and Accountability of chambers of commerce – on each side of the match. Every chamber member is linked to a chamber moderator that knows them, understands their needs, and ‘owns’ their success on COBCOE Connects. Chambers of Commerce also advise TIAO on the standards of behavior and ethics that are set in the terms of use of the platform.

The TIAO score is an element of the platform that indicates the ‘trust’ score of active companies on the platform which is based on ‘building trust through participation’: delivery, accountability and transparency. The more active you are on the platform (the times you log in),  post opportunities and the more complete your profile, the higher your TIAO score. The reward for this is that the higher your TIAO score the higher you appear in the list of search results. Over time more aspects of delivery, transparency, accountability based on how people use the platform will be expressed in the TIAO score.

In the spirit of transparency and accountability the TIAO team aims to be transparent and open to all users how the TIAO score is measured and will consult with participating chambers of commerce on its usefulness.

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